Stress In The Workplace – What To Look Out For

Stress In The Workplace – What To Look Out For

Managers need to be aware of the different types of stress that their staff will present themselves with –  some of which may well apply to managers too!

If you can recognise the different stresses you can try to help resolve the issues for your staff.

  1. Time stress: the feeling that there is insufficient time to deal with the tasks as they present themselves. Deadlines press and work piles up. To deal with this type of stress good quality time management techniques are needed to avoid overload and poor health.
  2. Situational stress: the stress that arises from workplace situations or the people in that environment, creating pressure and anxiety. Learning to recognise the personality features of others and their needs/priorities will help put this type of stress firmly into perspective.
  3. Anticipatory stress: the feeling that some unknown disaster or forthcoming incident is about to happen accompanied by the feeling that no news will always be bad news. Similarly, the only news that is coming is inevitably bad news! The best strategy here is to try to box in the stress into a manageable size before it gets out of hand – not all news will be bad news!
  4. Encounter stress: the anxiety about dealing with one or a group of people who you find to be difficult or challenging. Attending the Regional Sales Meeting will always be a challenge especially if this is a competitive and combative experience. The instinctive reaction is to retreat into your shell and avoid any interaction, which again can create more stress. The solution is to recognise that there are things for you to be positive about and to bring them out into the open.

Good Luck!

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