Leadership – Top Survival Techniques

Leadership – Top Survival Techniques

Leadership can be a scary and often lonely experience – to master the responsibility consider the following pointers and apply them to your own set of circumstances.

  • Master your facial expressions: nothing gives you away more that the messages written all over your face. Professional poker players know the importance of not “being read” about the hand of cards they are holding – work to tame your facial cues into something bland and neutral.
  • Make meetings effective: be brave and invite a junior member of staff to a senior management meeting and then ask them to review the interactions seen and to reflect upon the content of the meeting allied to their own personal development. This gives the aspiring manager a key insight into more senior roles and what they can expect as their career develops.
  • Network with people outside your area of operation: not hindered by inside knowledge they can give an honest, neutral and more objective view of things that are going on.
  • Listen very carefully before committing to a course of action: only fools rush into any set of circumstances or issues/problems. Keep your cool, observe and decide objectively on your chosen, balanced course of action.

Good Luck!

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