How To Set Tasks For Your Staff

How To Set Tasks For Your Staff

To make sure that your individual members of staff and teams respond appropriately to your requests, and that objectives and goals are achieved, the following three factors should be uppermost in your mind:

  1. Demands of the task: what are the minimum criteria for success attached to the job or activity that you are allocating and what procedures cannot be ignored in completing it?
  2. Constraints of the task: what limitations are you putting on the use of resources, the physical location of the activity and what are the attitudes and expectations of others towards the way in which you are acting?
  3. Choices about the task: how do you want the work to be done and what exactly is the nature of the work itself?

Whilst the above are focused firmly upon the perceptions and values of the manager there will be a chance for the individual or team to shape the outcome through “pushing back” and registering either approval or concern at the process, thereby helping to refine or reshape the process.

Wherever possible the outcome should be an equitable balance between the manager and the individual/team.

Good Luck!

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