How To Reduce Conflict In The Team

How To Reduce Conflict In The Team

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable and should be dealt with as soon as it arises before the situation becomes inflamed and working relationships are put under threat.

The following pointers should be used carefully to help get to the position where normal, productive and effective working relationships are resumed:

  • Listen carefully.
  • Ask questions and continue to keep asking until you understand.
  • Use open body language.
  • Think before you speak.
  • State your opinions, say what you would like to see happen.
  • Give everyone else the chance to have their way.
  • Keep calm and never lose your temper.
  • Search for a win/win outcome.
  • Be consistent, fair and even towards everyone.
  • Be aware of the emergence of bullying tactics and make sure that you do not fall into such traps.
  • Keep a record of any conflict, so you can refer back to what has actually happened, rather than what you think happened.

Good Luck!

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