How NOT to Show Empathy

How NOT to Show Empathy

Empathy is a cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence and it is something managers should be good at in order to get the most from their staff and to support staff in their roles to achieve outcomes.

Although intended to be humorous, the pointers below are the features of how a manager who rarely, if ever, shows any Empathy skills – make sure that you never work like this:

  • Used closed questions: we do not want our staff to have any input or contribute at any cost!
  • Pretend you are interested: feign it every time
  • Hijack any and all conversations: you are more important than they are!
  • Use blame every time; it can never be your fault!
  • Make hasty judgements; who wants to listen to the views of whingers and failures?
  • Over-react to everything: make staff nervous and keep them quiet
  • Avoid eye contact: very useful if your staff are unsure and try to catch your gaze!
  • Yawning when bored: just do not hold back, your time is more important than theirs!
  • Talk over everyone subordinate to you: who needs to listen to their concerns or issues, it is all about me!
  • Keep reminding staff about their failures: show me continually that your errors are uppermost in your mind so that they maintain their focus!
  • Be dismissive: you know all of the answers!
  • Give solutions all of the time: the opinions of your staff, their problems and issues are just “noise” in the background
  • Always remember that your advice trumps all other opinion: it does not matter what they think, the staff’s opinion does not count!

Keep a watchful eye on your style to avoid these issues at all costs!

Good Luck!

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