What Strong Teams Look Like

What Strong Teams Look Like

strong leadership – the manager cares and is keen to develop/support working relationships within the team

leading by example – e.g. excellent attendance and time-keeping; effective communication; being reliable and approachable; being open, fair and cooperative

having clear methods of communication – e.g. so that team members can discuss and understand each other’s roles; to keep up to date with plans, targets and changes; for escalating problems and cascading information

having clear roles and responsibilities – e.g. job and task descriptions; allocations of duties, shifts and areas of responsibility

involving all team members – e.g. to discuss options and opportunities; encouraging team members to recognise each other’s roles, strengths and weaknesses

allocating and rotating the tasks fairly – especially if tasks are repetitive, boring, tiring, demanding or very popular, so that everyone shares the good and the bad aspects of the job

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