What Influencing Skills Does A Manager Need Today?

What Influencing Skills Does A Manager Need Today?

Managers are seeing today that their responsibilities are greater than their authority. In the past managers got things done through the work of others that the manager controlled. Now managers need to get things done through other people who they do not directly control – this means that they need new skills an attributes to be successful.

These are built around the following relationship skills:

  • Building networks of trust and influence
  • Creating alliances to make things happen
  • Dealing with conflict so that achievement of objectives is not threatened
  • Shaping the organisation’s agenda to meet your own needs
  • Dealing with organisational resistance
  • Managing in times of ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Finding the right projects or assignments to work upon (rather than those that get in the way or conflict with what you are trying to achieve!0
  • Discovering the real rules of survival and success in the organisation where you are working

The way forward is to work towards developing and practising the following Personal Behaviours. Here more emphasis needs to be given towards the following areas to make sure that the manager is as effective and efficient as possible:

  1. Rational Persuasion: using logical arguments and data/factual information to win over others
  2. Appraising: explaining personal benefits and career advancements to be gained from subordinates or partners in following instructions and processes they might not normally consider as important
  3. Inspirational Appeals: to values and ideas in an attempt to gain commitment
  4. Consultation: seeking out support and assistance by asking for opinions and views
  5. Exchange: incentives or willingness to reciprocate with others
  6. Collaboration: providing relevant resources and assistance in exchange for proposed changes
  7. Personal Appeals: based on friendship or personal favour
  8. Ingratiation: the skilful use of flattery or praise to exert influence
  9. Legitimating Tactics: establishing legitimacy or using authority to gain advantage
  10. Pressure: use of demands, threats or constant checking to railroad others
  11. Coalition Tactics: seeking out the aid or support of others to get a result that would be difficult to achieve on your own

Work to continually sharpen the Behaviours above to maximise your influence and to increase your chances of success.

Good Luck!

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