How To Deal With A Bad Appraisal

Negative feedback is very hard to deal with both if you are giving it or receiving it!

The best way forward with this is to be brutally honest with yourself (difficult but a necessary part of being a manager) and recognise that some, at least. Of what you have just received is probably accurate because none of us are perfect nor are we as good as we thing we are!

Having heard the feedback, the next step is to rise above your own feelings and focus on what you now want to change about you and how you perform.

Going forward what would you like people to say about you in a years’ time?

What will you actually do to make sure that you get that feedback?

Perhaps a way of dealing with this is to ask for more regular discussions about your performance so that you can check on your progress and to see where further improvements can be made.

This is NOT the end of the world – think of it as a wake-up call and a way to improve what you can do!

Good Luck!

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