How To Avoid Becoming Irrelevant Or Obsolete

How To Avoid Becoming Irrelevant Or Obsolete

The game of management is constantly changing – what was the norm last year is not so now. Those managers who cannot keep up and adapt are rapidly being left behind, are side lined, are irrelevant to the core parts of the business and quickly slip into the darkness.

Management norms that people rely on a comfort blanket are disappearing fast.

So how do you keep relevant and keep being someone that the organisation wants around?

  • Know the score: an understanding on new approaches and technology has to be the starting point. You do not need to become an expert but you do need to be confident enough to have conversations about these new methods or approaches. You must overcome any fear or embarrassment about not understanding and this does not mean having to go on courses to find out key information – read and search for information.
  • Keep learning: show that you are interested in learning and keeping up to date. Without being interested you quickly become irrelevant, having nothing to offer on the subject. Staying curious, remaining interested and being willing to embrace learning are all key components of a successful management career.
  • Being open: recognising that you do not know it all and that some topics will require research and work to get an understanding. Hiding behind a façade of knowing all there is to know on a subject is you heading for a big fall.
  • Make time for reflection: on a regular basis write down what has gone well, what has not gone so well and what you have learned from a variety of different sources.
  • Upskill yourself: much more than keeping an open, learning-focused mind. Be prepared to go much further and get key training completed, especially around new directions that the business will be taking.
  • Embrace new methods of working: nobody looks to arrive early and stay late anymore. The future is remote working and a healthy work-life balance. If you firmly believe in being at work all times of the day and night, it is time to seriously rethink what you are doing!
  • Work tirelessly to Collaborate: forget the top-down management old school. The future is all about an open, collaborative, co-operative style of delivery where interaction is at a premium. Data should be a toll used for collaboration, not the means to beat more junior staff with.

The tools, techniques and strategies that you used to get to your current position are largely outdated now. The way to progress, and to show your worth, is to collaborate, engage with others and to contribute – respect the views and opinions of others, just as you would want your views and opinions to be respected.

NEVER let yourself become irrelevant or obsolete!

Good Luck!

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