How To Become A Manager

How To Become A Manager

If you have got to that point in your career where more responsibility and a greater challenge your next step is to get into management and develop yourself in a more professional manner.

Try using the five steps below to start your management career:

  1. Tell people about your aspirations and wishes

If you are career minded makes sure that you let your manager know about this. Never stay quiet on this subject – it is about your own personal development! Let the right people know you are thinking about taking the next step so they can help you get where you want to be.

  1. Become a Mentor.

Ask your manager if opportunities exist for you to become a mentor. This can be an excellent way to show you have the expertise to work closely with others and develop solid interpersonal relations – a must in any managerial position.

  1. ALWAYS work to strengthen your skills.

Carefully and honestly assess the skills you already have, and talk to those already in managerial positions to determine what skills you need to acquire. Do your research, make sure that your knowledge of your industry, and workplace, is completely up to date and always take any opportunity to strengthen your abilities.

  1. Show your worth.

Only you can put your ambition into action. You could think about setting up a meeting and prepare a presentation that highlights your accomplishments and commitments to the company to date using reliable facts and figures to describe your accomplishments to make your arguments powerful. A focus here on output, increased sales, improved quality and reduced costs you have achieved will always attract the right attention from your managers.

  1. Ask for feedback.

We all need feedback but often we are reluctant to seek this out! Always ask for feedback on how you are doing – this includes your peers as well as your managers. Focus on feedback regarding your responses to conflict and how you manage stress. By asking such questions you can get an insight into where your strengths and weaknesses sit and, knowing this, you will be able to modify your behavior and approach to situations accordingly. Also this shows initiative and that you can deal professionally and constructively with feedback.

Work systematically and carefully on the above pointers and use them to break into your first management role.

Good Luck!

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