Top 5 Priorities For Monday Morning

Top 5 Priorities For Monday Morning

Managers will always have an impact upon the profitability and success of their organisation so the earlier we can learn to be both effective and efficient in what we do the more likely we are to advance our careers and to become someone the organisation cannot afford to lose.

The key priorities to master for personal and organisational success are:

  • Being good with people: knowing that your approach in the workplace has a direct and important impact upon your team. This covers all parts of your style even if you are not physically present your impact is still felt., make sure that you always treat people, at whatever grade or position, in a fair and balanced manner, help them, encourage them and include them when making key decisions.
  • Focus on delivering Objectives: make sure what you do fits into the overall Strategy for the organisation. Is what you are doing, every day, contributing to the value and worth of the organisation or are you just tinkering around with vague and off-beat activity? Make sure that your staff really understand how they contribute to the value proposition of what the organisation is all about! At the end of the day ask yourself if you are making a positive contribution or not.
  • Never stop learning: keeping up-to-date with new developments and changes in the market. Wherever you can get information to learn from, make sure that this is an important part of your own personal development and that you share this learning with everyone around you. A very valuable source of learning is looking at incidents where thing have not gone well and where there are lessons tom be learned from them – critical self-review is an excellent means by which to sharpen up your skills and to refine what you do on a day-to-day basis. Be prepared to experiment and never fear failure.
  • Being prepared for what might happen: have resources and strategies for dealing with the unexpected. Use your experience and knowledge to its fullest extent and share your experienced and gut feelings with others – encourage them to do the same with you.
  • Be healthy: successful managers know how to deal with the stresses and strains of the job and how to make sure that they are always ready for the next challenge, whatever that might be.

Successful managers are not born – they are made by continually refining and developing their craft.

Good Luck!

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