How To Get Your Messages Right Every Time

How To Get Your Messages Right Every Time

The costs of getting communication wrong can be very high and leave you wondering how things could have gone so wrong!

A few careful moments spent asking the following questions should help you to avoid such disasters:

  1. Why? What do I want to achieve and what do I want to happen?
  2. What? What exactly am I going to say or write? Being clear about this will get your message quickly and easily received by your audience, whoever that might be,
  3. Who? Who is going to receive the information? How do I adapt and engineer my communication to make sure that they understand my messages and questions?
  4. When? When does the message need to be sent?
  5. Where? Where am I going to communicate the message nd does this need to be in a private place for sharing confidential information?

Good Luck!

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