How To Write A Team Performance Checklist

How To Write A Team Performance Checklist

We are all well aware of the use of teams and that teams should be contributing to the achievement of organisational objectives – what is harder to assess is how the team is performing on a day-to-day basis and if there are any changes we should be making to keep the team focused.

To maximise the benefits of effective team working regularly assess the following pointers on its mechanics and outcomes:

  • Am I seeing the successful achievement of organisational objectives – e.g. to meet or exceed sales or production targets
  • Is there access to a wide range of talents and strengths within the workforce – e.g. pooling different talents that work together well to achieve major goals
  • Are there good internal communications – e.g. where team members and different teams communicate well with each other to improve operational productivity
  • Is there increased efficiency and less duplication of work – e.g. where teams understand each other’s tasks and needs, then work together to streamline their operations
  • Do we have a more flexible workforce – e.g. where team members can cover for each other and perform a variety of tasks to maintain consistency and continuity
  • Are there better relationships with customers – e.g. from offering consistently high-quality customer service
  • Are there better relationships with others connected to the organisation – e.g. from having a reputation for being a reliable, consistent and smooth-running operation


All of the above are critically important to the wider health of the organisation and any Team that is not making a positive contribution to them needs some focused management intervention.


Good Luck!


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