What Good Management Looks Like

What Good Management Looks Like

Good Management has the following features, regardless of the sector or market that the organisation operates in:

  1. Managers keeping the organisation on time and on budget. This will always be the primary function of the management process.
  2. Leaders who produce movement into new markets, new areas of development and who foster new direction.
  3. Managers who create change and who push for increased efficiency and effectiveness and who are never satisfied with the status quo.
  4. Managers who move the organisation to a better place in terms of job security and rewards from being in that organisation, without ignoring the rights of all stakeholders in that organisation.

Unless there is effective and efficient management practices the workings of any organisation will become chaotic and put the organisation at risk of failure.

Use the pointers above to sharpen up your own focus and that of the area within which you have influence.

Good Luck!

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