How To Ignore What Others Think And Focus On YOU!!!!

How To Ignore What Others Think And Focus On YOU!!!!

We all want to succeed, perform at our best and make the most positive impression that we can BUT lots of people with drive and passion are not achieving their full potential simply because they worry too much about how they are perceived and the opinions of others around them.

For many this is an irrational fear based in nothing other than assumptions and misinformation and misperceived motives.

The weaker amongst us will be held back by this fear and concern, rather than just getting on with our own interests and objectives. What is needed is a strong and deep-seated sense of who we are and what we want to achieve.

A lack of focus and drive around your talents, beliefs and values coupled with an inflated (and possibly irrational) concern for what others want you to conform to is damaging both to your own mental health and to that of your career.

Typically, those people who suffer from this trend paly things safe, have a fear of rejection and being held up as a source of amusement, never fully argue their point of view and play down their drive to progress and to challenge.

We need to have a different focus so that we can push out the critical voices and instead focus upon what we want to achieve that makes us motivated and content.

Step 1: identify your own personal philosophy in a word of short sentence that truly encapsulates your approach and style. Mine would be “determined” as it guides me in seeking out what I want and need from my career and wider life. For me unless I am determined I will settle for second-best – and I do not!

To decide on your own philosophy ask yourself about how you feel when you are at your best, what guides your thought processes and what determines your action choices, what are your personal qualities and what words do you regularly use when persuading or influencing others?

Step 2: get some quality feedback from people important to you about how you present yourself and what areas they can identify that you could improve on.

Step 3: put this all together and walk tall.

Good Luck!

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