Why Dealing With Workplace Stress Is A Manager’s Responsibility

Why Dealing With Workplace Stress Is A Manager’s Responsibility

We all want to get satisfaction from our work – we would not be happy with a job that was boring and unsatisfying and which would have a negative impact upon our physical and mental health.

Yet many people are prepared to put so much effort and commitment into the job that this has the same effect – poor mental health, stress, burnout and physical symptoms of overwork.

Staff can become “over-inspired” by their work to such an extent that they abandon normal social boundaries, becoming ever-present in the workplace and seemingly never-present at home. Boundaries are ignored and burn-out begins.

Effective and efficient staff are not permanently-present because they see the value of having a healthy split between work and non-work roles; putting realistic limits on work activity does have a strong impact on health and satisfaction.

These situations are not just down to the will of the individual member of staff – there is a strong managerial responsibility that needs to be exercised, difficult though this might be. Managers have to keep a close eye on their staff, their performance and their approach to the tasks given to their staff.

Identifying a team member who is tired, struggling yet ever-present should set the alarm bells ringing before something truly disastrous happens.

Good Luck!

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