What Does A High Achieving Team Look Like?

What Does A High Achieving Team Look Like?

Does your Team meet the following criteria? If not then use the points below to sharpen up their activity and output – before someone else does it for you!

  • Clear task and purpose: does the Team know what it exists to do and achieve?
  • Focus on achieving results: is this the primary goal for both individuals and the collective effort of the Team itself?
  • Shared vision and values: is everyone pushing/working towards a common, measurable goal?
  • Balance of the right people: right people with complementary skills needed to achieve the objectives et?
  • Ability to solve problems and make decisions: does the Team work to resolve issues without your direct influence or impact?
  • Acknowledgment and resolution of conflict and friction: does the Team resolve this for themselves or are you being dragged into matters that you need not be?
  • People feel safe contributing: is there an open and supportive atmosphere?
  • Leaders emerge for specific tasks: do key personalities emerge when things need to get done?
  • Ongoing reviews and reflection: is the Team willing and able to review their own outputs and performance standards without you having to do this?
  • Trust and togetherness; is the Team cohesive and acting as one entity?

You MUST get a grip of your Team and its outputs and functions to allow the best possible results.

Good Luck!

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