8 Effective Influencing Skills

8 Effective Influencing Skills

Try the following to increase your own personal Influence:

  • Knowing what you want to say – be prepared and think ahead so that your points are relevant and focused
  • Researching – take time to find out as much as you can on the subject you are discussing – a lack of research is a very limiting position and you will come across as someone who lacks clear understanding
  • Using reasonable arguments – make sure that the points you make are practical and can actually happen, rather than something that is just your own opinion
  • Using positive language to get your points across – keeping your choice of words as simple as possible, not over-complicating things and being upbeat about your views, opinions and ideas
  • Remaining calm – a good influencer is someone who keeps a cool head and puts their points over in a measured and smooth manner
  • Able to handle questions – a good influencer will try to anticipate the sorts of questions that they might be given on their ideas and have an answer for all of them already planned out
  • Handling opposition – being clear on your message, understanding the point of view of the other person and being polite but resilient when alternatives are put to you

Good Luck!

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