Successful Management In Five Steps

Successful Management In Five Steps

  1. Openness: sharing information, allowing staff to see what it is that you are thinking, being transparent in your dealings and activities.
  2. Conscientiousness: doing things in the best way possible considering all the tools and resources at your disposal. Delivering products and services at any cost and to the detriment of the people and plant at your disposal is never a long-term success strategy. Can you justify your methods when questions are asked?
  3. Extroversion: nobody is expecting you to me the “life and soul of the party” all the time but you do need to have a presence and a persona that engages with people at all levels and which draws people to you. The manager who sits behind a desk and never circulates around is a poor manager! Practice the MBWA – Managing By Walking Around!
  4. Agreeableness: be easy to get on with and be welcomed by those around you. You do not have to be super-popular and arrive with cakes and drinks to be agreeable this is about just being sociable and easy to engage and chat to.
  5. Neuroticism: have a healthy level of stress and concern around what it is you are managing. This does not mean losing sleep or worrying to the extent that it makes you ill – this is all about harnessing a little concern and stress to make sure that the job gets done to the right standard, on time and on budget.

Good Luck!

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