Making Sense Of Leadership – Top Survival Techniques

Making Sense Of Leadership – Top Survival Techniques

Leadership can be a scary and often lonely experience – to master the responsibility consider the following pointers and apply them to your own set of circumstances.

  1. Know what the target looks like.Make it your business to understand, really understand your organisation’s strategy and leadership expectations. It is also a good idea to look carefully at successful leaders in that organisation to identify what it is that makes them successful.
  2. Get a measure where you stand against the target– seek out feedback. This can be formal or informal and always look for specific feedback on areas that you are trying to develop or improve.
  3. Set yourself specific goals and targets. Look for areas of development and focus especially upon your weaknesses – how ca you specifically and objectively work to eliminate them? What specific pieces of learning do you need and what specific experiences will help with this? Always remember it is your weaknesses that will hold you back so work consistently to eliminate them.
  4. Set yourself a Plan. Drawing up a Plan solidifies all the targets both organisational and personal that you need to fulfil. Work hard to complete the Plan as soon as you can through practical experience and knowledge gained.
  5. Update the Plan! Your Plan should never be finished – there is always some area of your leadership skills that needs refinement!

Good Luck!

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