Helping Others To Achieve Their Potential

Helping Others To Achieve Their Potential

Management is all about achieving objectives and running systems that are effective and efficient.

A vitally important part of the job is maximising the inputs from the organisation’s human resources – this involves many different tasks but does include the skill of developing individuals to achieve their full potential and to contribute more to the organisation.

Successful managers always work towards developing their staff – try considering the following points so that you can maximise your staff’s potential:

  • Help your staff to identify their own potential: get them to identify what they are good at and how skills can be built up over time. Help them to achieve wat they want to achieve and to have a commitment to their potential.
  • Set them a focus: setting targets that are challenging and that involve commitment and dedication to achieve. This will mean being honest and on occasion being very diplomatic about current and future opportunities but keeping a clear eye on the outcome for both the individual and the organisation.
  • Keep asking questions to tease out potential. This involves really getting to know your staff making sure that you listen twice as much or as hard as you offer your opinions. Make sure the questioning is open and free from your own bias and preconceptions about both the person and the opportunities that may be coming up.
  • Help the individual to set targets. Make sure that the individual is setting, and owning, their own goals and not yours! Prompt with the SMART approach (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) and keep a record of the conversations and progress.
  • Get them to seek out opportunities and options. Make sure that the person involved identifies openings for themselves, being available to offer advice and guidance as necessary.
  • Give support. Be there with encouragement, advice and provide good quality, evaluative feedback.

Tread carefully and be a good role model in terms of how you have developed your skills base.

Good Luck!

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