How To Prepare For Giving Tough Feedback

How To Prepare For Giving Tough Feedback

Some key questions to ask yourself – be BRUTALLY honest with yourself!

  1. Am I doing the best possible thing for the other person by not being honest and transparent about their performance?
  2. Did I make it really clear about the standards of performance I wanted?
  3. Did they show me that they understood the task and what I wanted as outputs?
  4. Did I communicate my expectations on a regular basis?
  5. Did the member of staff understand what was required of them and did I test this out with them?
  6. What did the the member of staff expect by way of support for their development issue?
  7. Did I do anything to support this?
  8. Did our expectations of the developmental issue match?
  9. Did both of us communicate clearly about progress and how often did we do this?

The more often you ask yourself these questions the better you will be equipped to deal with times when a tough conversation is required. Taking a proactive approach and not reacting in an unprofessional and unbalanced manner will go a long way to strengthening working relationships.

Good Luck!

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