Managerial Mistakes: problems or golden opportunities?

Managerial Mistakes: problems or golden opportunities?

Nobody is perfect and if someone tells you that they either have never made a mistake OR that they have never made a huge error they are not telling the truth!

  1. Mistakes are fine if we learn from them: mistakes happen and as such they are opportunities for personal development.
  2. Mistakes are fine if they are not repeated: making the same or similar mistakes repeatedly leads only to clearing your desk and moving on.
  3. Mistakes are fine if they happen in pursuit of your goals and objectives: errors in pursuit of anything else are not acceptable.
  4. Mistakes are fine if they do not compromise your values.

The right kind of mistakes can bring forward strong and positive development opportunities but only where we take the time to reflect and draw conclusions from both the experience and the outcomes generated.

Good Luck!

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