How To Deliver An Inspirational Team Talk

How To Deliver An Inspirational Team Talk

The ability to deliver an energising pep talk, to either the team or an individual, is an essential skill for any manager. There are no formal training courses for this and many managers feel their way through the process – there are however a number of guidelines to make this less demanding and more successful that just “winging it”.

There are three vital ingredients to the design and delivery of the talk that is all about motivation and improved performance. These are as follows:

  1. Providing direction: painting a picture of what success looks like and how it feels. By using clean and simple language there should be no doubt in the mind of those receiving the talk about how precisely to deliver the outcome through plain instructions, clear definition of the tasks to be completed and most importantly, how the task will be evaluated.
  2. Giving empathy: showing that you know that the recipients are human beings and that they have feelings and emotions. Recognising the potential difficulty of a task is important as is acknowledging the skills and past performance of the staff involved. (This last point is very important in terms of increasing motivation and application levels).
  3. Providing meaning and context for the task: explaining why the task is important and connecting the vision and mission of the organisation to the goal that needs to be accomplished. Good approaches here include past success stories and examples of staff who have risen to the challenges that were presented with and who have progressed and developed their skills.

The right mix of the three points above depends upon the context and the audience, recognising that experienced staff need different handling compared to the less experienced. If the goals being set are fairly obvious this again needs to be factored into the planning and delivery of the talk.

Always be aware that the components above are all inter-related and finely balanced.

Good Luck!

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