How To Manage Different Team Member Personalities

How To Manage Different Team Member Personalities

There are four main different personality types that operate in any team – the trick is to be able to recognise and then map out your strategy accordingly:


  • Prefer familiar, safe situations.
  • Creatures of habit.
  • Like to have routines and established systems/procedures.
  • Like to form close, often social relationships with other team members.
  • Generally predictable, patient and loyal


  • Slow at decisions-making because they need to analyse, think things through and explore all the options.
  • High standards, both for themselves and the other team members.
  • Generally thoughtful, precise, systematic and highly critical.


  • Easily bored by routine.
  • Motivated by the possibility of success.
  • Thrive on change, keen to experiment on doing things in a new way.
  • Quick at decision-making, love to risk-take it’s the ‘Thrill of the chase’.
  • Generally confident, impatient and ambitious people who like to get the job done and then move on.


  • Extremely sociable and good with people, they love to charm, persuade and convince.
  • Prefer people to systems or ideas.
  • Can be impulsive and often take the slap-dash approach.
  • Generally optimistic, easy-going, enthusiastic and fun.

Assess your individual staff and use the pointers above to maximise their contributions to targets.

Good Luck!

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