How To Set Up A Successful Team

How To Set Up A Successful Team

However good you are as a manager your success ultimately rests with how good your staff are at producing goods, providing services, hitting targets and delivering quality.

The key to success here lies, as with all things, in the preparation and set-up!

Try following the points below and your chances of success will increase considerably:

  • Set out, in very clear and simple language, the tasks that need doing and their purpose in the wider context
  • Allow your team to define its own purpose (you might need to subtly steer this!0
  • Focus upon achieving results
  • Share your vision and values with the team and link them to the wider organisational vision and values
  • Get to know each one of your team – having a connection is vitally important
  • Clearly and concisely define roles and responsibilities for the team members
  • Work to really develop your communication skills and techniques so that you are not wasting time repeating yourself and explaining issues several times
  • Regularly review how work areas are organised – what can be done to make them as effective and efficient as possible?
  • Tackle problems quickly – never, ever, sit on a problem and watch it grow in importance and impact!
  • Work together with your team members to break down barriers
  • Always promote the use of face-to-face meetings – it is important to be there to discuss matters and never leave this to an impersonal email

Work to continually apply and refine the points above – remember no management system EVER wanted a mediocre and lacklustre team in their structure!

Good Luck!

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