How To Select The Right Candidate For Promotion

How To Select The Right Candidate For Promotion

Like it or not, your success is judged by your performance (which we would all recognise) but also by the people that you promote – their failure will be YOUR failure just as their success will be YOUR success.

Be warned!

So, how to dodge that trap and get it right?

  1. Never rely just on current performance – just because someone is good at their current role does not mean that they will automatically work well at the next level up. Think outside the box.
  2. How do the competences that the new role will need fit into the competences that the organisation needs long-term? Are you selecting the person for just the role or for the future needs of a wider organisation?
  3. The strengths of each applicant – are they just focused on the next job or are their skills more relevant and tuned into what the organisation will need further down the line? Recruiting for “just now” is short-sighted and too narrow.
  4. Just relying on the interview – canny and wise candidates will always look polished and capable at the interview so make sure that a range of assessment methods are used to full effect.

Good Luck!

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