What Makes For A Good Leader?

  1. Intelligence: sifting through data, making decisions, tracking projects running at the same time and managing many different types of resources.
  2. Technical intelligence: having functional and technical knowledge and skills so that they can manage difficult issues and make the right decisions.
  3. Motivation: managers need to be super-motivated, ambitious and wiling to climb the career ladder.
  4. Experience: building and developing experience and knowledge from different tasks and projects. People rarely get on and develop their career paths without a solid base of experience to draw upon.
  5. People skills: being good with people, working and communicating with a variety of different audiences, getting things done through others and the ability to inspire and enthuse others.
  6. Learning ability: seeking out both formal and informal opportunities to develop and widen the base line knowledge of the wider job and a commitment to a process of Lifelong Learning.

Good Luck!

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