10 Priorities For Monday Morning

10 Priorities For Monday Morning

Ask yourself the following questions at the start of the working week – be honest and be prepared to change last week’s assumptions and performance and breathe new life into your routines and activities.

  1. What will I do to honestly and truthfully listen to others last week?
  2. What did I do to have positive and fruitful interventions with others around me last week?
  3. Did I do my best to be happy last week?
  4. Did I set measurable goals for myself and did I achieve them last week?
  5. Did I add value to my team/organisation last week?
  6. Did I add cost to my team/organisation today because I was not as good as I could have been last week?
  7. Last week did I inspire my team?
  8. Last week did I help someone else be successful or to solve their own problems?
  9. Was I really engaged in my work last week?
  10. Did my work have meaning for me, my team and the wider organisation last week?

The best way to improve working relationships and effectiveness is always to review activity and seek to improve ways of developing and deliver better goals.

Good Luck!

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