Mastering Meetings – Rules For A Successful Meeting

Mastering Meetings – Rules For A Successful Meeting 

If you are unable to master running a meeting, then as a manager you have a serious weakness in your skill set. Meetings are essential in the setting of tasks and implementing actions, both for teams and individuals alike. 

Use the following pointers to make your meetings a success for you, those attending and the wider organisation itself: 

·        make sure that the right people are invited to attend – e.g. to present and share information and take part in making decisions

·        make sure that everyone has access to the information they need – e.g. to be able to prepare, share information and take away material that needs to be studied later

·        make sure that everyone is clear about the objectives of the meeting – e.g. to keep everyone focused and engaged; to manage expectations

·        follow the agenda and cover all of the points listed – e.g. make sure people do not get side- tracked too much by irrelevant topics and details

·        use good listening and questioning techniques – e.g. to encourage people to contribute effectively and share information fully

·        guide the speakers – e.g. to introduce themselves, make their points and stick to the agenda

·        summarise decisions and future actions – e.g. to set the date and objectives of the next meeting; to clarify what has been agreed and what follow-up actions are required 

Just as with all things management, the more you practice and experience the skill, the better you will be at doing it!

Good Luck! 

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