How To Deal With Negativity Towards Change

How To Deal With Negativity Towards Change

Bringing change into the workplace is not easy and the possibility of this creating resistance amongst staff is an ever-present threat. To overcome this situation requires patience and determination but the following pointers should help you get through the process.

The most common areas of negativity associated with bringing in change are given below –

  • Staff hear rumours and are worried about consequence of the changes: give accurate information as soon as possible and reassure staff, being honest about the action plan and how the changes will affect them. It is very important to give accurate timescales about when more information will be available and try whenever possible involve staff members in the planning and evaluation processes.
  • Staff make mistakes when following the new working methods: it is essential to reassure and support staff while they work through the changes and you must check that training is sufficient to cover everything that they need to know. Are quality control measures being effectively used to make sure that the new standards are being checked correctly?
  • New products, services and working methods are not as effective as they appeared in the planning stage: listen to feedback and review the initial research that identified the need for change, making any amendments as necessary. Carefully review working practices regularly and look for ways to improve them.

Making change an effective process and delivering against targets are critical success factors for any manager in any organisation – always remember that resistance to change is a natural process and should not be taken personally!

Good Luck!

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