Monday Morning Team Motivation

Monday Morning Team Motivation

Motivated staff give a business a clear competitive edge, especially where the market is crammed with businesses offering either the same, or very similar, products and services.

Many managers see this as a big challenge and a weakness in their style and methods of operation if the team is demotivated and disinterested in the activity you are delivering.

Cutting away the fluff in terms of motivating staff, three simple strategies deliver good, sustainable results quickly and effectively:

  1. Personal Attention – it sounds very basic but are you giving all members of your you’re your personal attention or are they just faceless operatives? Showing an interest in their career goals and personal lives (within reason, obviously!) goes a very long way to motivating and inspiring their efforts and their application to the tasks at hand.
  2. Professional development – there are very few members of staff who do not want or see the value of their ongoing development. Bright and able staff will always leave an organisation where development opportunities are hard to find. Interestingly there are many ways to deliver good quality professional development that cost very little: a focus upon the development of soft skills is just as important and valuable to staff as more formal training and development!
  3. What is my purpose? We all want to know how our work and outputs fit into the bigger picture of organisational performance and development. It is simply not enough for an employee to just have a “job” as we all are seeking a frame and broader perspective for what we do, why we do it and how it contributes to a higher purpose.

By simply having a continual focus upon the above three points you will be able to have a quick and measurable impact on the motivation of your team.

Always bear in mind that if you cannot motivate your staff your competition almost certainly can!

Good Luck!

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