How Can I Get my Staff To Trust Me?

How Can I Get my Staff To Trust Me?

Trust is generated through plain, simple and effective communication: every other aspect of management follows from this starting point.

How can you make communication work for you and build up trust amongst your team?

  1. Communicate regularly and with care: do this in a timely manner so that staff know what they need to know and that this is sent out to them on a systematic and regular basis. Managers who communicate erratically and only when it suits them is asking for as no staff member or group wants to find out key information from the newspaper or grapevine/rumour mill.
  2. Discuss and ask staff for their opinion: trust comes from actual engagement with communication and not just spewing out information and hoping for the best. This may be an uncomfortable ride but this will be valued by your staff.
  3. Be informal with your communication and practice Management By Walking About: by having a visual presence and by being “there” for staff to talk to you will quickly build up strong levels of trust through being able to provide key information and advice/guidance when it really matters.

Always remember that trust is hard-earned and easily lost – your communication strategy needs to be relevant and delivered carefully and regularly.

Good Luck!

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