Does My Team Lack Appropriate Leadership? 

Does My Team Lack Appropriate Leadership? 

As a manager you MUST look hard and fast in the mirror and critically assess how you are performing in leading your Team.

Sometimes you will be just too close to see what is going on, possibly preferring not to recognise that things are not all they could be. However uncomfortable the feeling you HAVE TO evaluate how things are going.

Consider the points below and identify if any of them apply to your Team – if so, work to change the situation.

Does your Team:

  • Lack confidence or have confidence that is misplaced?
  • Always look for direction and instruction, even at low levels?
  • Avoid making any decisions and are reluctant to even make simple choices?
  • Have a fear of making mistakes?
  • Just deliver the minimum they are required to do, avoiding going out of their comfort zone?
  • Rarely report mistakes or bad news/low outputs?
  • Lack motivation?
  • Regularly feel frustrated about work matters?
  • Show signs of individual and collaborative stress?
  • Find it acceptable to allow “passengers” who do little work and contribute little or nothing?
  • Struggle to deliver successful outcomes and tasks?

If this is the case you need to act – have a look at my Blog Do I Have Good Team Leadership Skills?

For some good, quick and simple techniques to use to improve the situation FAST!

Good Luck!

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