Do I Have Good Team Leadership Skills?

Do I Have Good Team Leadership Skills?

Successful managers are just so because they know how to lead and manage their people – often, however, we do not take the time to evaluate how effective and efficient our Team might be or possibly because we are afraid of what we might uncover!

Assessing the Team can be accomplished by asking the following questions – positive responses indicate that you are leading your people well!

Does your Team:

  • Display confidence?
  • Manage themselves rather than relying upon you?
  • Have a clear focus?
  • Own what they produce or the service that they give?
  • Consistently put in extra effort and time when it is needed?
  • Show trust within themselves and with the wider organisation?
  • Show high levels of individual and collective motivation?
  • Display a strong and clear sense of identity?
  • Feel valued as a collective?
  • Have high levels of staff retention over a sustained period?
  • Allocate work within themselves, which is transparent, fair and balanced?
  • Never accept or tolerate under-performance from individuals within the Team?
  • Produce work that successfully meets their objectives in terms of quantity, quality and reliability?

Use the framework on a regular basis to judge the how the Team is functioning – remember, though, their performance will be your performance!

Good Luck!


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