How To Be Courageous And Speak Out

How To Be Courageous And Speak Out

It is never easy to speak out and to champion a cause that you fully believe in, a wrong that needs to be put right or an injustice or unfair practice in the workplace. Humans fear what others will say, fell and how they will react to this in future dealings or relationships.

If you are going to raise an issue and to put yourself firmly in the proverbial spotlight, there are a number of considerations that you really should think about thoroughly and in-depth.

  1. Create the right condition for action: have a strong internal reputation so that your audience will realise that your commitment to the cause you are selling is for the wider good and not just someone complaining or raising issues for the sake of it.
  2. Carefully choose your battles: not everything is worth the effort you need to make a change or raise awareness. Be totally convinced that your path of action is actually worthwhile: be informed and wise but make sure that you are being totally objective.
  3. Is this the right time? is it better to leave the situation alone or save your argument for another date? What does the environment around you tell you about this?
  4. Carefully manage your emotions: being passionate about change is all well and good but make sure that your thinking is not skewed by the thought process you have already committed.
  5. What will your audience think? Will they respond immediately (in either a positive or negative way?). Will you have to wait for feedback and if so are you prepared to await opinion which may be some time in coming?
  6. Follow-up after your approach to preserve the relationships in the workplace or group that you have and to seek to gain commitment to what you have proposed. This will also allow you to continue with your message in a more subtle way.

When doing your preparation always make effective use of data to back up your view as this will add weight to your argument – or it will allow you realise that while you may feel very passionate around an issue there is simply not the background detail to fully substantiate your position.

Whatever happens make sure that you keep your values firmly front and centre!

Good Luck!

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