How To Allocate Work Successfully Every Time

How To Allocate Work Successfully Every Time

Managers need to take into account many factors when allocating work, so that objectives and responsibilities can be set, agreed, briefed and achieved. There are many things to consider when planning either an individual team member or a team’s work to achieve objectives, including:

  • details about the objectives that need to be achieved – e.g. whether the tasks are new or familiar repeats of everyday activities; budgets, equipment and deadlines
  • the range of skills and knowledge of the different team members – e.g. some team members may already have the skills and some will need training and support
  • their level of experience – e.g. some team members will be very experienced and used to doing things a certain way, whereas others will be new and inexperienced, but may bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the team
  • the capacity of the team – e.g. whether the team has time to fit in new objectives, whether current projects need to be reprioritised
  • versatility of team members – e.g. their ability to be moved around to perform different tasks

Prepare carefully to make sure that you get your desired result every time.

Good Luck!

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