Checklist For Applying Emotional Intelligence

Checklist For Applying Emotional Intelligence

As a manager your ability to understand and interact with a range of different people becomes more important the more people that you deal with and the higher you go in the organisational structure.

You can, and really should, work systematically to develop your own Emotional Intelligence: if you can master Emotional Intelligence principles you will be better able to control your emotions and use them as a basis for action. Working with your emotions, rather than ignoring them or battling against them, makes you more productive and in-tune with your working environment.

This also directly impacts upon, and improves, your ability to deal effectively with stress and to become better at problem solving – both of which are key management skills and the key to success in management.

Emotional Intelligence has two distinct parts: the inward facing part is built around your emotional self-awareness and how you deal with and manage your emotions. The second part is your degree of empathy or awareness of the emotions and feelings of those around you, which is closely linked to your ability to manage working relationships with others.

The Checklist is below:

  1. Am I aware of my feelings and do I act accordingly? Y/N
  2. Can I share my feelings in s simple and composed way? Y/N
  3. Do I treat others with compassion, sensitivity and kindness? Y/N
  4. Am I receptive to the opinions and ideas of others? Y/N
  5. Do I decisively confront problem people? Y/N
  6. Do I maintain a balance between my personal and work life? Y/N

Complete the Checklist on a regular basis, say every 6 months, to keep a check on how you are performing and to identify if there are changes I should be aware of.

Good Luck!

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