How Managers Can Be Role Models

How Managers Can Be Role Models

Successful managers get staff to work for them in a willing and committed manner – this is usually because the manager concerned has skills and traits that appeal directly to their staff and which inspire confidence in the person leading them.

Similarly, successful managers show managerial excellence in many aspects of the business environment.

This set of skills is often highly individualised but it is possible to identify several generic traits that will certainly be the starting point for how you can begin to exert some influence over your team through positive role modelling.

  1. Being positive: this is not easy as the managerial job is not easy either! Showing strength, calmness and determination when the times are challenging is difficult but this will rub off onto your staff who will then pick this up and demonstrate it themselves.
  2. Build Trust: this must be earned and cannot be assumed in any way but key points here are all around being honest and true to what you say.
  3. Show Integrity: making the right decisions that are right for the business ad which are made without any element of personal bias or advancement. This should also be done with the best interests of the wider staff group and stakeholders.
  4. Lead in a positive manner: acting responsibly in terms of managing resources (staff included!) and motivating all around you to be the best that they can possibly be. This includes giving praise and recognising the impact of the work that individuals do.
  5. Have a truly Open-Door approach: staff will need to talk and seek out your advice to get key guidance and support so always make time for this. A manager who does not want or see the need for time to be with their staff is missing out on many opportunities to inspire, support and motivate others who are doing the work.
  6. Know your staff: take time to find out about the staff you have apart from what they are doing for you as part of their employment contract. By doing this you are showing a considerable level of respect and interest in those around you which goes a long way towards them feeling valued as an individual and not just a number.
  7. Be supportive: take the time to understand and help with problems as they arise. Always remember that it is not just you who has bad bays – everyone does!

The exact mix of skills that build up your role model profile is up to you but time spent on the pointers above will go a long way towards achieving this.

Good Luck!

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