How To Run An Effective Formal Review Or Appraisal

How To Run An Effective Formal Review Or Appraisal

The Formal Review or Appraisal is all about looking carefully at performance of the individual member of staff and systematically reviewing the evidence of delivery for that person. It is NOT a quick chat/series of passing comments done in a rushed manner, probably in an inappropriate and public location, where no records are kept and there is only limited chance for a meaningful exchange of views.

In the Formal Review/Appraisal process the interaction between both sides should include the five primary performance elements of agreement, measurement, feedback, reinforcement and dialogue. Each of these should be put to good use carefully and systematically.

The purpose of the Formal Review/Appraisal should have the following features:

  1. Planning: this gives the basis for re-formulating the performance agreement and the performance and development plans within it.
  2. Motivation: providing positive feedback, recognition, praise and opportunities for growth. There should be time for the clarification of objectives and encouraging the member of staff to take ownership and control over their own performance.
  3. Learning and development: providing a basis for self-managed learning and development through coaching and other learning opportunities, taking into account both present and future responsibilities.
  4. Communication: a two-way means of communication about roles, expectations, objectives and competency, relationships, work problems/issues and career aspirations.
  5. Assessment: reviewing how well individuals have performed in their jobs.

The absolute minimum for any good quality employer/workplace would be for this process to take place annually – a more sensible approach would be tom have a formal system of performance supervisions quarterly with an overarching Annual Appraisal.

As with all aspects of management, the more preparation and care that you put into the process the more you as a manager will get from the process!

Good Luck!

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