How To Implement A High Performance Management System

How To Implement A High Performance Management System

All organisations need to function at maximum effectiveness and efficiency: this is the only way we can get competitive advantage, and once we obtain this, how to keep our position.

Most employees want direction, some degree of freedom on how to get their tasks completed and encouragement, but not control. Managers should only use tools of control by exception.

The solution to high performance systems lies in the delivery of collaboration-based development (coaching, counselling, feedback, recognition) and the growth of team members through these interactions so that they can contribute in a meaningful way towards the delivery and development of strategy.

Performance management systems have the following features:

  • Clear aims and measurable success criteria
  • Design and implementation is delivered with appropriate employee involvement
  • They are simple to understand and operate
  • They are closely linked to the achievement of performance goals
  • Employees can clearly see a measurable link between their own objectives and those of the wider organisation
  • Measures are built around everyone having a clear role to play and contribution to their own performance improvement
  • Clear links to training and development that is adequately resourced and effectively structured
  • Transparent and measurable links between reward systems and performance with suitable and reliable equity and safeguards so that at all times rewards are fair
  • They are reviewed regularly and openly to ensure that the system is working fairly

It is easy to use the above pointers to introduce an element of High Performance in any system or departmental routine to increase effectiveness, efficiency and volume of outputs – use this approach to really make your area of responsibility fly.

Good Luck!

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