How To Deliver An Excellent Speech Or Presentation

How To Deliver An Excellent Speech Or Presentation 

There will be a number of occasions where you may be requested to give a speech or a presentation. Sadly, too many presentations are not remembered.

However, there are four basic things that you can do to ensure that your verbal messages are understood – and remembered – time and time again.

 The Checklist: 

Prepare: plan the structure and draft the speech / presentation including an introduction that grabs the attention and sets your objectives in context; a middle in which you move logically from one point to the next (get to the guts of your speech quickly); an end that summarises what you have said (without repeating it), and leaves the audience with a good impression of you as a speaker.

• Decide on your objectives – if there were only three points that you would like to leave your audience with, what would they be?

• Know your audience and tailor your message according to their background and experience.

• Practice, practice, practice – not just in front of a mirror but in front of a test audience (a friend or a colleague) too. 

Deliver: ensure a flawless delivery by following these steps:

• Use prompt cards so that you can maintain eye contact

• Observe audience reaction and use methods like changing your pitch and pace to draw them back in if they seem bored or distracted

• Use open body language

• Engage the audience on an emotional and intellectual level

• Build up to a resounding conclusion in which you call the audience to action if appropriate 

Review your performance: It can be hard to judge your own performance. Ideally, ask a member of the audience – perhaps a colleague or friend – to give you an objective opinion on your performance.

• Did you meet your objectives?

• Did you engage the audience?

• Did you explain all points clearly?

• Was the timing right?

• Which areas would you improve next time? 

As ever failure to prepare results in failure to achieve!

 Good Luck!

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