How To Be A Good Motivator

How To Be A Good Motivator

Good managers are successful managers and achieve results through their team members. To get the best from your human resources requires considerable skill and application but getting there can be achieved by using the following pointers to sharpen up your managerial style.

If your staff enjoy their working environment they will be motivated and drive forward in terms of quality and volume of outputs.

1.      Treat your staff as individuals. When it comes to motivation there is no magic pill or silver bullet that will put things right. It is all about knowing your staff as individuals and being able to press the right buttons in each of them to get them to perform. Treat them as they want to be treated and know what excites them about their work.

2.      Be firm. This does not mean being harsh, stiff or even offensive but be prepared to show some courage in your dealings. This may involve making difficult decisions and keeping staff focused when times are hard and challenging. Never see taking control and dishing out punishments as being a source of strength as this will never secure you a following and a loyal team.

3.      Communicate so that this is a two-way process. Be willing to hear just as much as you speak so that staff will recognise you as someone who listens rather than someone who just talks and issues orders.

4.      Inspire your staff. Words are cheap and easily forgotten or twisted but actions will always speak louder for you. Show your commitment, integrity and reliability by being constant in all of your dealings.

5.      Demonstrate transparency. Be clear about the content of your messages and be honest in terms of goals, expectations and plans for the future. This might mean delivering a message that staff do not want to hear but this is the only way in which staff will respect and follow your lead.

6.      Humility is the way forward. Never be arrogant or rely upon your past successes or consider that you are better than those around you. Your arrogance kills the motivation of your staff.

7.      Care about your staff. Never overwork your staff to the point of burn-out especially your star performers! Over-work feels like a punishment and leads to poor performance and demotivation.

Make sure that you are following the best path possible to get strong commitment and motivation.

Good Luck!

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