What Does Excellent Service Look Like?

What Does Excellent Service Look Like?

Systems shape all parts of our lives – so, if you are managing or providing a service, how should you design it so that it delivers all that it should for you and your customer?

You need to set up systems and processes that are:

  1. Repeatable – can your system operate over and over again?
  2. Consistent – does the system operate in such a way that it delivers the same result every time?
  3. Reliable – does the system keep going so that it needs no maintenance or tinkering with?

You need to get this right from the outset because whatever market you find yourself in, competition will be continually be trying to hoover up your market share and customers expect more complex systems that can deliver more outcomes.

So, take a long, objective look at the service you are providing and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the service efficient? Does it produce the most output (however you want to describe that) for the least input?
  • Is the service competitive? Is it at least as good as your competitor’s version?
  • Is it compliant? Does it conform to relevant legislation or market standards?

Asking difficult questions about your service might be painful BUT it will let you see where you can improve things.

Good Luck!

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