What Customers Look For In Service Quality

What Customers Look For In Service Quality

If you are making a product there are many different ways of assessing the quality of the finished item. This can include Functionality (what the product does), Performance (how well it does what it is supposed to do), Reliability (consistency of performance over time), Durability (how robust it is), Customisation (how well it fits the needs of the customer) and Appearance (how good the product looks).

Great for Product design, but what about Service design?

Service design differs from Product design because in the Service system the customer is actually involved in the delivery, is a raw material in the process and, very importantly, can remove themselves from the process if things are not going well or to their satisfaction.

Successful Services deal well with the INTANGIBLES of quality:

  1. Responsiveness: your willingness to help the customer and to provide a prompt service. This is very important where there is an opportunity to request a non-standard service, such as making a specific/special request at a restaurant. Those delivering a high-quality service are always expected to deliver something that is non-standard. The more basic service providers are not expected to offer this and provide a standard delivery model. Are your systems responsive or not?
  2. Assurance: the ability of your organisation to inspire confidence. The ambiance of the surroundings, the equipment used by the provider and the knowledge/skill/expertise of the staff contribute to this area.
  3. Empathy: understanding and attentiveness shown to customers. Here the focus falls upon the staff used to deliver the service, their awareness of others around them and their ability to communicate effectively.

Always remember it is relatively easy to win an order for a service as the customer makes decisions around the reasons for buying the service – if the quality offered is not up to standard, or what the customer expects, then all the positives offered by the service will be lost and further, repeat business will not take place.

Good Luck!

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