How To Network As A Manager

How To Network As A Manager

The management role is heavily weighted towards getting on with people at all levels and in all contexts. The manager that cannot, or will not, work collaboratively is not really a manager.

The amount of contacts that you have is a good indicator of how effective you are at linking with others and many managers spend considerable amounts of both time and effort in forging links and networking to widen out their sphere of influence.

The more you network the more influence that you have and the easier the job becomes.

This include socialising, politicking and interacting with customers, staff and suppliers.

So, how can you do this both effectively and efficiently and build up your own network?

  • Find ways to attend trade or professional groups that represent your area of expertise or interest
  • Carefully use casual conversations to identify more people to network with
  • Create events that others want to attend – this then opens out your contacts and sphere of influence
  • Maintain as well as building your network – this involves practical and systematic steps towards keeping people on-board, keep in touch, keep appointments and make sure that people have things to gain from you in the network
  • Build an active online network presence – use LinkedIn and other social media platforms to get your message out

Above all make sure that you tailor your message to help you achieve the goals that you want to achieve.

Good Luck!

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