How To Develop Your Critical Thinking

How To Develop Your Critical Thinking

There are a large number of benefits from looking at issues from a number of different perspectives which identifies a number of possibilities rather than just sticking to one specific path.

Critical thinkers are self-confident about their options in making decisions and have confidence in their ability to change the world around them.

Critical thinking comes from the following four themes:

  1. Identifying and challenging assumptions: this comes from questioning accepted wisdom of the current situation, whatever that might be. Opinions and views that are no longer relevant are dismissed in favour of more suitable and more up-to-date information with the intention of making a positive change.
  2. Seeing that the context of the situation is very important: context will always influence decisions and courses of action. Critical thinkers will apply knowledge and principles from other contexts and see if that will work in a different context.
  3. Identifying and exploring alternatives: critical thinking recognises that there are always alternative ways of managing any situation. They are aware of alternative paths and approaches that are realistic to the situation.
  4. Identifying limitations: critical thinking alerts us to seeing the limitations in a proposal or a decision. Critical thinkers see that a decision made in a different context may not work out in another context. It is always to be sceptical about research that is over-sold and which appears to carry too much weight. Critical thinking is all about being open to new ideas but only when supported with reliable and quality research.

Critical thinking will broaden out your understanding of issues and problems – this is NOT being cynical, challenging things just for the sake of it.

Critical thinking is an integral part of a successful management career as it allows you to develop key skills of enquiry and logical approaches to problems, issues and decisions that need to be made.

Good Luck!

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