Five Basic Tips For A Successful Meeting

  1. Schedule the meeting well in advance – meetings that are fixed at short notice seldom work
  2. Have an Agenda with relevant documents available in advance – to not have this sorted before the meeting means that the meeting will have a lack of preparation, a lack of focus and it is likely to drag on much longer.
  3. Have a clear start and finish time, and follow a schedule for timings of each item on the agenda – without this talk drifts on and on, time is lost and items do not get dealt with.
  4. Discussions and responsibilities for action are recorded formally and then circulated within 24 hours of the meeting – otherwise decisions lack clarity and create large amounts of misunderstanding.
  5. Effective meetings keep individuals and sub-groups informed of developments and progress – otherwise both individuals and teams are not aware of what is going on, making work and outputs less productive and irrelevant.

Good Luck!

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