Why Do People Not Trust Me?

Why Do People Not Trust Me?

We all want to be trusted to get on with things, achieve our tasks and generally get satisfaction from competing work and showing we can be relied upon to deliver. Sounds nice and simple BUT gaining the trust of others can be hard work and once gained, can easily be lost.

Building trust back again can be a long process and there are no guarantees as to its likely success.

So, how can trust be developed?

  • genuinely seek out and value the contributions of others – this is not lip-service but a real commitment to work collaboratively and give praise for the contributions of others
  • seek, value and respond to feedback from others – when others communicate with you make sure that this is an important part of your work and decision making
  • communicate honestly and openly – nothing hidden with frank opinions
  • be trusted with what others tell us – acting with discretion
  • acknowledge honestly and fairly the good work of others – never use the work of others and claim it is your own
  • suspend judgment when needed – jumping to conclusions is never a positive way to behave, far better to allow time for some cool, objective thought processing
  • taking responsibility for our mistakes and show that we can learn from them – the vast majority of people will always be willing to forgive a genuine error, but trust evaporates when the same mistake or series of mistakes are being made repeatedly
  • keep your promises – do whatever you commit to doing, every time
  • act and behave consistently – reliability creates high levels of trust and faith in you and your ability
  • Look for solutions and avoid, at all costs, a blame culture

Look objectively and carefully at what you are doing and your style of delivery – what changes can you make to ensure that you have the trust of those around you and those who are important to you.

Good Luck!

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