What Are Agile Principles And How Can I Use Them?

Agile is characterised by the following:

  • Customer collaboration: taking active steps to systematically find out, and meet, customer needs
  • Changing requirements: continually looking for the next “big thing” in the market and not relying o what you are making/the service you are providing now!
  • Cross functional teams for development; flexing up your human resources so that you avoid silo management and have a pool of staff who can respond to change quickly
  • Simplicity: make every system as basic as possible which will then allow you to make changes quickly
  • Rapid response to change; plan for change and never be surprised that it has arrived
  • Continuous attention to great design and technicality: customers expect performance so make sure they get it!
  • Face to face conversation: wherever possible communicate in person to bring a sense of closeness and collaboration

Agile is not difficult – if you think it is do not be surprised when your markets disappear and your competitors take over.

Good Luck!

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